Cadet of the Month

Bravo Zulu to our  
Cadets of the Month 

for April!


Cadet Meszaros

Cadet Schuler

*First time we have ever awarded this to two cadets in the same month!


Cadet J. Garcia

About Us!

The Bridgeport Military Academy offers students the opportunity to experience their secondary education in a challenging environment with an emphasis on excellence in academics while also exploring careers in public safety.  Through partnerships with Fire, Police, Homeland Security, Military Services and other public safety departments, students are provided real world, hands-on opportunities to get trained and certified in such areas as CPR, First Aid, FEMA courses, 911 Communications, and be offered physical training, community volunteer opportunities and internship programs. 

Our Mission:

To instruct & inspire students who develop a strong commitment to servicing “others above self” within their school, family and community while preparing academically for leadership roles and professional careers throughout the world.

BMA Contact Information:

Bridgeport Military Academy
461 Mill Hill Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06610

Interim Principal: Diana Soares


School Secretary: Mae Nubin


Phone: (203)-337-2513
Fax:      (203) 576-8345

Guidance Counselor: 
Mrs. Gardner



Change of Command Ceremony

8 May 2015
At the awards ceremony on 8 May, we recognized
outstanding performance, as well as our new leaders.  

Change of Command Ceremony 8 May 2015

ongratulations to the following Platoon Leaders 
who assumed duties for the months of May and June:

Alpha Company

    Platoon 1: Cadet Meszaros

    Platoon 2: Cadet Teoyotl

    Platoon 3: Cadet C. Almodovar

    Platoon 4: Cadet Eldridge

    Platoon 5: Cadet E. Almodovar

Bravo Company

    Platoon 1: Cadet J. Garcia

    Platoon 2: Cadet C. Ortiz

    Platoon 3: Cadet Taylor

    Platoon 4: Cadet Galvao

    Platoon 5: Cadet Zuniga

Next Awards Ceremony

Our final awards ceremony will take place on Friday, 5 June at 0800. We will present awards to our honor cadets, cadets of the year, and numerous ribbons for achievement. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. 


Over 2/3 of the cadets are still missing blue ball caps. This is unacceptable eight months in to the school year. A cap is required as part of the daily uniform, and cadets without a ball cap are considered to be out of uniform and subject to discipline/demerits. Please procure a plain blue ball cap at a local department/sports store as soon as possible.

Uniform Turn In

All Navy uniforms will be turned in the week of 8 June. If uniform parts are missing or damaged, cadets/families are for responsible for replacing the item.


BMA Cadets raised over $275 for the American Cancer Society at
Relay for Life of Sacred Heart!

BMA @ Relay for Life of Sacred Heart

           BMA Cadet Rodriguez (Alpha Co.) captured this     photograph of a Bridgeport Police officer fixing a bicycle.     His picture has made the news and is now going viral.                                              Good eye, Cadet!

BMA Passes First Area Manager's Inspection!

Click here to read the full article.

NJROTC Inspection 13 November 2014.

BMA Calendar



Our Cadets our raising money to help Habitat for Humanity.  After they raise money to donate they will also participate in building houses for their Habitat for Heroes-Veterans Build program.

2015 Lighthouse Summer Information