Special Announcements

End of Year Awards Ceremony 13 June

Congratulations to all of our end of year award recipients!  Cadet Joe Falco was named "Distinguished Cadet" and Cadet Hannah Laflin received the "Honor Cadet" distinction.  Cadet Laflin also gave a very thoughtful speech (see link below), and special recognitions were given to Mr. Perachio, Mrs. Broderick, Ms. Flynn, SSG Gonzalez, LCOL (Mr.) Loughlin, Mr. Ortiz and the AMR instructors.  

School Governance Council (SGC) conducted and completed interview process for two candidates applying for position of new BMA School Administrator(Principal) and submitted our recommendations to Fran Rabinowitz.

Cadet of the Month (May 2014)
  • Cadet Shazline Khan, Platoon 5
Platoon Leaders for June
  • Platoon 1: Cadet Morales
  • Platoon 2: Cadet R. Algea
  • Platoon 3: Cadet Lugo-Reyes
  • Platoon 4: Cadet J. Algea
  • Platoon 5: Cadet Alamo

About Us!

The Bridgeport Military Academy offers students the opportunity to experience their secondary education in a challenging environment with an emphasis on excellence in academics while also exploring careers in public safety.  Through partnerships with Fire, Police, Homeland Security, Military Services and other public safety departments, students are provided real world, hands-on opportunities to get trained and certified in such areas as CPR, First Aid, FEMA courses, 911 Communications, and be offered physical training, community volunteer opportunities and internship programs. 

Our Mission:

To instruct & inspire students who develop a strong commitment to servicing “others above self” within their school, family and community while preparing academically for leadership roles and professional careers throughout the world.


Cadets Hear Presentation on US Coast Guard
From left, Army Reserve Specialist (and BMA English teacher) Ari Vogel, retired Coast Guard Rear Admiral Fred Golove, retired Coast Guard Commander Ray Birnbaum, and Senior Naval Science Instructor CAPT Bill Glass, USN (Ret.), in the Infinity Theater after Admiral Golove's presentation on 11 April.

Captain Glass and Cadet Falco accept a donation of items for the Color Guard from the Western Connecticut Military Officers Assn. at their membership meeting on 6 April 2014.

BMA Cadet of the Month

(May 2014)

Shazline Khan, Platoon 5


Regular Class Schedule

 7:55 8:15 Formation
 9:37 1
 9:39 10:56 2
 10:5812:15 3
 12:20 12:50Lunch

Extended Day Program
from 14:15 - 16:30pm

1/2 Day Schedule

 8:209:21 1
9:2310:23 2
 10:2511:25 3

90 minute delay

9:259:45 Formation
10:37 1
 10:39 11:26 2
 11:2812:15 3
 12:20 12:50Lunch

2 hour delay

9:5510:15 Formation
11:04 1
 11:51 2
 11:5412:40 3
 12:45 13:15Lunch