Bridgeport Military Academy

A First Responder High School focusing on Police, Fire, Emergency     

Medical, Homeland Security and Military Sciences

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The BMA Online Application closed 5 January 2015.  Please check back in the fall when it re-opens.

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Cadets of the Quarter

Congratulations to all of our Cadets of Quarter for 2015-2016!

Check back during the school year to see our future Cadets of the Quarter.

About Us!

The Bridgeport Military Academy offers students the opportunity to experience their secondary education in a challenging environment with an emphasis on excellence in academics while also exploring careers in public safety.  Through partnerships with Fire, Police, Homeland Security, Military Services and other public safety departments, students are provided real world, hands-on opportunities to get trained and certified in such areas as CPR, First Aid, FEMA courses, 911 Communications, and be offered physical training, community volunteer opportunities and internship programs. 

Our Mission:

To instruct & inspire students who develop a strong commitment to service to “others above self” within their school, family, and community while preparing academically for leadership roles and professional careers throughout the world.

BMA Contact Information:

Bridgeport Military Academy
160 Iranistan Avenue
Bridgeport, CT 06604

Phone: (203) 275-3961

Diana Soares
Educational Consultant
Rhonda Jackson

School Secretary: 

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Naval JROTC News

BZ to the following cadets who were promoted to the rank indicated on 8 April during the 3rd and final promotion cycle of the year:



-           Bomani, C.

-           Colon, S. R.

-           Daley, D.

-           Falco, N.

-           Jimenez, R

-           Lemus, N.

-           Lugo-Reyes, J.

-           Rivera, M.

-           Rivera, M.

-           Torres, K.      




-           Andrews, T.

-           Cuazitl, A.

-           Charles, R.

-           Daley, S.

-           Eldridge, G.

-           Fernandes, J.

-           Gonzalez, D. M.

-           Johnson, D.

-           Poblano, A.

-           Reid, T.A.

-           Robinson, T.

-           Santiago, A.

-           Shady, R.


-           Alvarez, D.

-           Caro, E.

-           Cuffee, J.

-           Delvalle, D.

-           Domogala, D.

-           Jimenez, J.

-           Lebron, M.

-           Mercer, M.

-           Ocasio, A.

-           Paredes, R.

-           Poole, J.

-           Santiago, M.

-           Tecci, A.

-           Valentin, A.




-           Arrango, M.

-           Irby, R.

-           Mendoza, L.

-           Miller, M.

-           Rodriguez, C.

-           Vasquez, A.

-           Wright, J.





-           Aca, W.

-           Arroyo, D.

-           Diaz, E.

-           Hernandez, J.

-           Jones, A.

-           Mosquea, A.

-           Torres, C.


Past NJROTC news...



Our Cadets are raising money to donate to Habitat for Humanity.  After they raise money to donate, they will also participate in building houses and hands on labor for the Habitat for Heroes-Veterans Build program.

Relay of Life
22 April 2016

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